Welcome to Track Your Mind!

Your ultimate platform for organizing and tracking your digital life.

Note Application

Capture your thoughts, save your notes, and access them anytime, anywhere. Your ideas are always secure and ready whenever you need them.

Task Tracking

Stay on top of your tasks with effective tracking. Organize your workload, set priorities, and meet your deadlines with ease.

Media Tracking

Organize and track your online videos, links, and images. Never lose your important media again, and access them effortlessly.

Timeline View

See everything in a comprehensive timeline. Track your progress, understand your habits, and visualize your achievements over time.

Client-Side Encryption

Secure your notes with robust client-side encryption. Only you can access your notes using a password you define. Your data remains confidential, ensuring that if you lose the password, there's no alternative way to access the encrypted notes, reinforcing the security of your personal information.

AI Notes Classification

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to classify your notes. Our AI assistant automatically tags your notes, enhancing your ability to organize and find them later. This intelligent feature saves you time and streamlines your note management process.

Advanced Search

Find exactly what you're looking for with our advanced search capabilities. Search your items by tags, types, or text content. Our comprehensive search functionality ensures that you can quickly and easily locate your notes, tasks, or media, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

File Management

Upload and download files up to 28MB. Manage your documents, images, and media files smoothly and efficiently.


Keep a personal journal within the app. Reflect on your daily experiences, jot down your insights, and explore your thoughts.

Multiple File Handling

Upload and download multiple files at once. Easily manage your images and documents, knowing what's available at a glance.


Enhance your productivity with the multiclipboard feature. Copy, paste, and organize multiple snippets of information effortlessly.